Simple Living

Simple living is the one thing you can start down right now without having to move, build a new house, or anything like that.

This section talks about the benefits of living simply, being minimalist, or whatever you want to call it.

When I started to reduce the amount of stuff I had it started feeling better the more I did it.

I started to naturally want less of anything new. I didn't want or care to watch television, always want a new car, clothes, shoes, watches, all of that.

Instead I found myself enjoying a lot of the things that I already had like being on the computer, building my websites, writing, and being outside.

I'm not as "minimalist" as a lot of people out there. Some people have paired their lives down to just 100 possessions or less. I haven't gotten as far as counting but I feel I'm living a simple life with my fiancee Andrea in a 500 square foot apartment.

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