Simple Abundance

Living with simple abundance in mind can completely transform your life. I can say it has done so for me in an incredible way.

It's something that I didn't quite understand or really think much about in the beginning but as I gradually re-prioritized my life I started to learn the importance of simplicity and the abundance that's possible because of it.

Here are a few important lessons and thoughts I have learned in the last few years.

To value time more than things and status because material things will never provide you with real (inner) happiness. I changed the direction in my life when I began caring more about what I was spending my time doing and why. Eventually I regained appreciation for the everyday things (sunsets, people, animals, nature, the woods, beach, life, a brand new day) and gratitude for everything (and everyone) around me.

Regaining curiousity. Remember when you used to care about why when you were a kid but then at some point that just became irrelevant because you became to caught up in life? Regain your curiousity and start asking yourself (and others) questions again. Why am I doing this? What is the result of this? Why is this like this? What can I do about it right now?

You'll make better decisions because you'll have more time, insight, curiosity and therefore motivation to learn something new, and improve your life one moment at a time.

Remember when walking around outside, throwing a ball, watching an animal, or just being with someone was fulfilling and fun? You can get those feelings again if you want to.

Have you ever seen a super happy really old person somewhere? Like a park, or at the beach, or at the grocery store and wondered, why is he/she so happy?! Now I know that they're high on simple abundance.