RV Living

RV living can be very exciting...

  • You can change your window view any time
  • Travel and explore new places
  • Go see your favorite national parks
  • Take beautiful pictures
  • Meet interesting people
  • Go and visit friends and family

Some people live in an RV in the same location they had a house in and continue working so that they can save more money... Maybe for future travels?

But RV living can be stressful if not prepared.

What if you don't have enough money or just don't know how to use everything in your rig...

That's why it's important to prepare.

This section will help you get started. From boondocking tips to RVing with your pets...

So, is RV living for you?

VW California 
A look at the 2010 VW California (camper van).

RV in America
Reasons to RV in throughout the United States of America.

Work for RVers
Don't let funds be an issue. Find work for RVers. Workamping, jobs, online income, a rolling business, and more ideas.

RV Boondocking
Being frugal means learn about boondock RVing and dry camping. You'll find tips and useful resources on how to RV on the cheap.

Full Time RVing
On this page I discuss important issues on full time RVing. Topics include making money, going from house to RV, parting with family, using technology, and more.

Van Dwelling
A peak into the world of van dwelling and modern day nomads. I answer why and how it's done and how technology helps.

Semi-Tractor Truck Living
Three times in our lives, my husband Mike and I have made our residence together in a semi-tractor trailer. For nearly three years, we drove as a husband and wife...

Small Truck Camper
Paul's small truck camper that he put together himself. You can't even tell it's a camper from the outside! Other truck campers too.

Rooftop Tents
Some pictures and videos of rooftop tents in action. Benefits and downsides for these tents. See how Karen and Scott enjoy their set up.

Toppola Saab Camper
Toppola turns the Saab hatchback car into a mini RV. It has about a queen sized bed and plenty of other features. Must see...

Paul's Bicycle Camper
This guy has built and used his very own amazing bicycle camper with plenty of storage and basic features. You've got to check this one out just for fun.