RV in America

Going an RV in America is pure adventure!  There are so many reasons to do it... Seeing beautiful places, visiting friends and family, meeting new people, and exploring new things.

I can't wait to RV in America...and I plan on doing it soon!

There is so much to explore and so many adventures to go on. A road trip is definitely about exploring, relaxing, seeing new things, and meeting interesting people.

If you're lucky enough to have someone to share the experience with it can be even better.  So here are some tips if you're thinking about a road trip...


  • Get your vehicle thoroughly checked by your mechanic ahead of time to avoid break downs
  • Check your spare tire and make sure you have everything you need to change one (AAA service can help too)
  • AAA or a comparable service for flats, break downs, towing, and jump starts
  • Have enough money saved for your trip
  • Think of ways to make extra money while on your trip (I do this with websites)
  • National coverage for your cell phone service to avoid roaming fees
  • UPS mailbox or P.O. Box for your mail
  • Pick your favorite destinations and plan your trip accordingly
  • Be prepared to take lots of pictures
Here are some friends of mine that are living this dream... Be sure to give them a visit!

Mike and Heidi travel the U.S. full time in their 17 foot class B motorhome.  They share their experiences through their blog, Van Tramps.

Glenn is traveling and living in his 1993 Falcon 190 which is a 19 foot class B motorhome.  He also shares his traveling adventures on a blog called To Simplify.

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