Small Apartments

The small apartments section covers design, furniture, example apartments, studios, in-law suites and garage conversions. These are usually 500 square feet or less.  Reasons to live in an apartment...

  • Great areas to rent
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick to clean
  • Great locations
  • Furniture and design ideas
  • Storage solutions
  • Staying organized
The reasons I’d choose to have a studio or something similar is for its location.

Near the beach, university, downtown or just right next to work.

Living somewhere within walking distance to something you love can be worth the rent. Sometimes it's not as expensive as you might think.

Check craigslist and seek low square footage and one bedroom units. Also try search terms like university, beach, downtown or whatever it is you want to be close to.

Another recommended way is to explore the neighborhood itself and look for signs. Many of these locations have so much traffic that landlords just place signs out and they get most of their tenants in this way.

A realtor, friend or family member might be able to help in the case that you can’t do the finding.

Sam Zell on the Death of McMansions & Micro Apartment Growth
This real estate mogul and billionaire business man shares his thoughts on the death of America's suburbs and the growth of urban tiny living.

Minimalist Apartment in Madrid, Spain
A complete tour of a modern multifunctional in Spain by MYCC Architects where they made 226 square feet function like 1000 square feet!

Small Apartments in NYC
Video tours of a few studios in New York City.

Shelving My Apartment
I install bookshelves above my desk in my place.  Plus I also turn an extra (unused) door into a built in bookshelf.

Decorating tips and interior pictures of some small studios.