Pontoon House Boats
and other small houseboats

In the pontoon house boats section I will be covering tiny house living on boats! Floating homes are another way to live simply and the goal of this section is to cover...

I'll be focusing mostly on pontoons but you'll also find other small houseboats in this section.

Houseboats that are fairly easy to tow.  Two videos, links, and some info.

Small Houseboat
Picture and video of smaller versions.

Living in one
What it might be like to live in one.

Floor Plans
A look at a couple of floor plans.  Most of these are pretty roomy!

Some fun trip ideas. Places to go and some good links.

A look at one family's home made boat, how they did it, and how you can.

Key West Rental
Some house boating adventures in Key West.

Key West #2
More Key West fun.

Helpful information on getting loans for these.

For Sale in Florida
In the works!

I'm getting there!

Coming soon!