Trailerable House Boat

A trailerable house boat is great if you want to be able to tow it to different locations at times. Maybe a different lake or ocean for new weekend adventures--but that's just one idea.

These boats are usually twenty to thirty feet and they are not excessively tall. This makes them easy to pull, maneuver, and enjoy.

There are various models of house boats that can be towed easily including pontoons, full hull, and planing hull. On the rest of this page you'll find a couple of videos on some house boats on wheels.

I have seen some houseboats that are so light and compact that they can serve as both a travel trailer and a house boat... Imagine that. Speaking of which, check out this house boat that can easily be towed at the Tiny House Talk blog. Link opens in a new window.

Below are a couple of videos on the NQ Adventure Craft that is easily towed. You'll see below...

I was pretty amazed to see that it is being towed by a Toyota SUV (could be a V8 though)... But still, the boat must be pretty light for a houseboat.