Shipping Container House Section

I'm excited to introduce the shipping container house section. Here I plan on exploring all options for shipping container housing.

There are lots of creative people out there using what they have to create an alternative house and shipping containers are attracting the attention of people interested in simple recycled options for living.

Video Tours New Page!
A few different video tours of container cabins and houses.

Living in a shipping container
What it's like to live in a shipping container that's been converted to housing.

Containers for sale
Tips on finding shipping containers for sale. Price expectations, where to find them, getting a good deal, things to avoid, and more.

Here we will feature plans to help with the design, construction, and conversion of a shipping container into a viable home.

This section will explore how architects have used shipping containers to build extraordinary structures. Pretty fascinating stuff.

This page compliments the plans and architecture section. Here we'll cover things like floor plan, interior design, exterior look, and things like that.