Shipping Container Design for Housing

Those exploring their options for shipping container design have many selections available. For most people seeking to live in a converted shipping container there are two major factors... Cost and efficiency.

A container design that includes floor plans and multifunctional furniture can be one option. One of the most well known examples of this would be a classic convertible sofa bed.

Utilizing any other single item not only eliminates the need for two separate pieces of furniture, it also reduces the need for a separate room.

You can literally combine a living room and a bedroom into a single space which would be ideal for a single person or a lovely couple.

Any type of multifunctional furniture can enhance the space in question. This is just one example of how efficiency in a small space can be utilized. And there are many other creative ways where more can be done with living space, specifically in a shipping container home.

Single container homes are forced into designs such as these because there just isn't that much room. It's a studio-like space. That's why using things like Murphy beds and light-emanating sliding glass doors would make a world of difference.

Speaking of light... You will want to ensure you improve energy efficiency through proper insulation and solar panels for energy.

The use of ideas like wind power, composting, rainwater collection, and keeping the space small all will help to keep costs low over time. The idea of using containers as the shell of your home is also very green because you are using recycled materials to construct your home.