Shipping Container Architecture for Housing

The variety of shipping container architecture available is almost infinite when it comes to using them for housing. You can employ a minimalist look while enhancing the look to embody any one of several creative designs.

Some examples of shipping container homes include art deco designs, urban contemporary designs, green living concepts, and even architecture derived from gothic periods.

Like I said earlier, there is no limit to the look you wish to achieve because you can draw inspiration from scores of traditional home designs. Those under the impression that there are constraints on shipping container living are misinformed.

You can do a lot with them with the right ideas and plans.

If you're interested in what some architects have done with shipping containers for living quarters you should check out this unique display of 31 containers welded together to form an incredible finished concept.

Bill Glennon is the developer and it is still a work in progress. Watch the video below.

Here is another example that's similar but has more work done as far as windows goes.

Here is an example of something I would choose over the multi-container palaces. This is a one container home that is almost finished but it gives you a great idea of the space and what it can look and feel like.

I hope the information and videos on here have given you some "food for thought" with your own designs and ideas.