Living in a Shipping Container

Living in a shipping container is an interesting way to use recycled material for housing.

The old model of pre-fabricated homes is fading away and a new, brilliant, and innovative concept is emerging: living in a shipping container. Yes, you can live in a modified form of a freight container and it would not much different from living in a traditional home. Then again, there are some differences. These differences center how shipping container living can reduce the impact on both the environment and your budget.

But, is living in a shipping container something people can easily transition into?

In terms of comfort and quality shipping container living delivers on expectations. Those that can live in the modified arrangements of a container home will attest the quality and comfort levels are excellent. The interior of many containers is the equivalent to many apartments. So, it would not be accurate to assume you would be cramped living in such a dwelling. The ability to provide electricity and water to a container is no different than how it would be commonly delivered to the aforementioned concept of a pre-fabricated home. So, there would be no inconveniences in this regard.

Shipping container living is growing in popularity and for good reason: it is a much less costly and far more energy efficient way to live than what would be the case in a traditional home. But, is this type of living an option for those that would prefer more expansive dwellings?

For those that wish to live in a more expansive container home, you can always integrate several containers. While most assume that container homes are exclusively mini and compact, this is not always the case. In reality, it is possible to purchase several containers and stack them side by side or one on top of the other. Additionally, each and every container can have its own theme such as a living room, bedroom, entertainment area, fitness center, etc.

Does this concept of an expanded container home undermine the green living component? No, this would not be the case either as each and every container unit offers a higher level of energy efficiency when compared to the individual rooms of a traditional home. And, of course, there is also the “fringe benefit” of not having to pay expansive energy bills. Why not put the money you save into other pursuits?

One such pursuit could be enhancing the interior and exterior look of the container home. It is possible for develop the look of a luxury interior and a very artistic exterior. Some have done a truly amazing job modifying the look of their dwelling.

Check out this shipping container house. Link opens in a new window to a blog post on about a container house.