Small Apartment Shelves

Small apartment shelves are such a relief.  Everyone who lives in a small space knows this, but most places come with no shelving at all.

I used to think it was hard to install shelves but I didn't want to buy more heavy furniture that doesn't match the rest of my house and has no "flow".  So I decided, "I'm going to put up shelves on the wall so that it looks really nice.

So I got focused last Sunday to build my own "built in" bookshelves the easy way.  Here's what happened.

My office

I work from home and my desk always had stuff on it because I had nowhere else to put my clutter.

Fortunately the solution was pretty simple...  And I even got creative and made an extra unused door look like a built in book shelf.

Cost?  About $140 in materials from the Ace and Home Depot but well worth it.

Here's what I did... You can take these ideas and apply them to pretty much anywhere in your house.

Here is a "before" picture of my desk on a normal day.

My Office - Before Book Shelves

Here is my desk (along with more computer screens) WITH the over head bookshelves I installed.  Ahh, so much better!!  No more desk clutter.

Next project: Notice the door to the right... My apartment for some reason has two front door entrances, this one here never gets used so my idea was to turn it into a built in bookshelf.

Office / Desk after over head book shelves

Door to bookshelf project...

Door to built in bookshelf project

Door to built in bookshelf

Door to built in bookshelf

A few steps later (including paint)...

Door to bookshelf

After the paint dried it was time to put the books on it.

Door turned into built in book shelf

Now my desk and work area feels like a REAL office.

My Office, Desk, and Work Area - After