Toppola Saab Camper
A REAL Car Camper

Toppola Saab Camper Front View

The Toppola Saab Camper is the most fully featured car RV I have come across. But it's made for Saab hatchbacks only so it's not really an option for most people...

I'd think about a teardrop trailer or maybe even a rooftop tent.

Anyways, the setup time is about half an hour and you have to remove the hatchback door from the vehicle and then mount and secure the camper. It is very light at only about 255 pounds.

They stopped producing these in 2006 due to low demand and an economic recession. I think it's difficult to keep the demand since it only works with certain hatchback vehicles from Saab.

The Saab Camper is still very interesting because it shows how much you can do with a small space. And maybe it will inspire someone to create something similar...

Rear view of Toppola Saab Camper

Toppola Saab Camper

And here are some pictures of the interior...

Toppola Saab Camper Interior

Toppola Saab Camper Interior

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