Teardrop RVs...
The smallest camping trailers on the road!

So first off... What the heck is a teardrop trailer anyway?

Teardrop Trailer

That is Paul Garland's home built teardrop camper.

These tiny campers are designed for convenience. With teardrop trailers you can have the comforts of home with the ability to tow with just about any vehicle.

This amounts to huge savings in time and money for teardrop trailer owners when comparing to regular camping trailers and motor homes.

I know what you're thinking... What are they saving?

Ok I think you get it... The savings definitely add up. But the comforts of home? These things are TINY! Alright, it's not for everybody that's for sure. But take a look at this teardrop trailer's interior...

"Fish Inn" Teardrop, Interior

"Fish Inn" Teardrop Interior

Not so bad, huh? Much more comfortable than a tent and a sleeping bag, that's for sure. And get this, some people even have A/C in their teardrops.

Thank you Travelrmel for sharing these pictures on Flickr. Check out Travlrmel's photos for other cool teardrop sightings. Remember, almost every teardrop is unique!

So, are you as fascinated by teardrops as I am? Continue browsing below for some really useful resources and links on teardrop trailers.

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