Full Time RVing

Full time RVing describes people who live and travel in their RV all year round. Most full timers do not have a regular house, their home is their RV.

There are also those who have a permanent home to go back to but travel for most of the year in their RVs. This can still be considered full time RVing.

Andrea and I are working towards being able to travel in our class B during the summers when it’s really hot down here in Southwest Florida. We love being here in the winter (in the summer too, as long as we go to the beach--water's warm!) but we both really want to see our beautiful country first hand.

From a Home to an RV

Parting from the majority of your belongings and your home can be an emotional yet liberating experience. No more walk in closets, garages, and extra bedrooms. You can only keep what you need.

Leaving your home behind is a lot of work. You have to go through all of the things you’ve accumulated over the years and decide what to do with them. Do I pay to store this, give it away, or sell it?

Taking pictures of your stuff helps—this will make it easier let go and you can always refer back to your pictures although you’ll find you won’t think about it much.

Parting with Family and Friends

Another difficult thing to let go of but you will find that technology helps. Today we have phone, e-mail, and easy to use video chat so you can still see your close ones.

My friends recently moved to California and we use Skype to talk to each other at least once a week. It still feels like we hang out!

Living Small

If you’re going with your spouse, children, girlfriend, or boyfriend you have to deal with having almost no personal space.

For many this is not a problem but for others it’s a constant frustration. If you already get along I’m sure that you will be fine. In my opinion it’s a worthy experience either way as long as everyone is willing to try.

Making Money

Not being in the same location everyday will likely change your financial situation. For those of us without a steady stream of income that doesn’t come from a normal job this presents a big challenge.

Luckily there are opportunities for work and business but they all take hard work like any other venture.

Your full time RV adventure can also give you the chance to pursue an online business like a website, book, network marketing business, writing, and photography.

There are also deals you can work out at camp sites, seasonal job opportunities, being a property caretaker, working at theme parks, or even in sales.

Many people travel and go to trade shows that match there interest and figure out a way to build their own business while traveling.

My advice is to be creative and follow your passion. For me the internet is such a blessing because I constantly find one opportunity after the other in topics that I love.

Glenn's Full Time RVing Adventures

One Man's Experience Living and Traveling in a Class B RV
He has an RV (or should I say van?) just like mine.

Do you full time in your RV and blog about it? Contact me so I can add you to this list.