How Living A Simple Life Can Help Bridge the Gap Between You And Your Dreams

Living a simple life can help if you want more free time to spend with people you love.

Or if you could use more money to pay off debt or just to put away for a specific purpose, like collge for your kids or to fund a future business.

You want to get a different job or career that is more exciting and fulfilling. You're not enjoying the current work you're in.Living a Simple Life - Tropical Sunset

You have always wanted to build an income online through a home based business that can be operated with a laptop and an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

You want to build your own getaway tiny house or small cabin to live more simply in.

You want to finally work towards becoming an artist, writer, or musician.

You picture yourself living a stress-free lifestyle with minimal stuff and worries.

You want to be able to travel and see places that others think they would have to become financially rich to experience.

Whatever your reasons are for living a simple life, I know that these little "tricks" will help you get there because they have helped me and a lots of my friends who are now living their wildest dreams... As simple as they are (most of the time).

  • Decide what you want
    First what is it exactly that you want? Don't just make a mental note of it, at least write it down! Remember it and think about it constantly.

  • Make your dream real right now
    If you want to travel cross country with a Subaru and a teardrop trailer that you build, collect pictures of that and look them at least once daily. Visualize yourself in the Grand Canyon or in your garage building the teardrop. Think about the incredible feelings you'll get when it's happening.

  • Make your goals achievable
    Set goals that you can realistically achieve this way you have deadlines to meet and you're easily able to go above and beyond your initial goals. This will help keep you happy and motivated instead of discouraged or feeling it's all too hard.

  • How can you make it happen?
    What do you have to do to make it happen? Figure this out! Is it to save $300 every month for six months? Get specific and you'll find that you have created an action plan / checklist towards your success.

  • Ask yourself good questions
    Asking yourself good questions leads to the best solutions. How can I make this better? How can I make what I'm currently doing better? What skills do I have that I can help people with?

  • List your monthly expenses and fire some of them
    Once you have a list of your expenses in front of you it's easy to analyze each one and figure out which you can get rid of. Learning to minimize your monthly costs is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to create opportunities for yourself. And to living a simple life. Maybe you can quit your job, go part time, invest extra money, start your own business, or save up for your specific goal(s) faster like this. Can you get rid of a car payment? What other expenses can be questioned?

  • Keep your eyes on the prize
    Do not give up on yourself if it's your passion and always keep your eye on the prize. It's what will keep you motivated through the tough moments you'll encounter. That's why it's so powerful to have specific visuals like pictures and videos that you can look at. The simplest way is to create a vision board, but you can even create your own slideshow or iMovie with your goals and pictures. And it's okay to adjust these as time goes by. It keeps things exciting.

  • Persistance is key
    This means you should never give up. Anything worth while might take you two or three years to achieve. Mastery in anything, including sports, art, music, reading, or writing, is said to require 10,000 hours of practice. So start now and whatever you do, don't stop. The more passion and love for your goal, the better.

  • Living a simple life consistently
    The most powerful part of living simply comes when you've been practicing it for a long period of time. Just like anything else, if you have been living with expenses as low as $1,100 while earning $2,100 every month, the power comes after you've been doing this for twelve months, not just give a try for a few weeks and "see if it works." You must be patient to benefit the most from living a simple life.