Living Simply

In my life I've learned that living simply is about enjoying what we already have. That means people, things, places, and all of the moments of life.

As much as I'd denied it in the past I began realizing that I have a choice in every situation to either make the best of it (see the good, learn the lesson) or allow myself ot suffer (why is this happening, poor me).

Magic sort of started happening for me as I started implementing these beliefs into my life. I became satisfied and happy with the simplest things (which were always there).

Practicing appreciation and gratitude changes lives almost instantly. When you wake up in and before going to sleep just acknowledge and feel thankful for everything in your life (even the "bad" things because they are there to teach you a life long lesson and if you ignore this, that lesson will only continue to reappear in several forms).

Easy Steps Towards Appreciating the Simple...

When you wake up appreciate that you have access to water, the house you live in, the ability to make decisions, having a computer with internet, your health, breakfast, the weather outside, the unique people in your life, your sense of humor, the ability to read this right now, and whatever else comes up.

Practice this as many times per day as you can it will eventually become more of an automatic part of your life. The more I've done this the more I've been able to catch those awesome feelings that are like being a child who loves life just because and is simply fascinated by everything.