5 Lessons I Learned From Living The Simple Life For 4 Years

I started living the simple life in 2007 so that I could build an online business and travel without worries.

I've used much of my spare time reading about the trails and tribulations of countless others who have lived simply to achieve their goals too.

Living the simple life is one thing, doing it smart is another. You'll see why...

  • Free time is better than cash if you know how to use itLiving the simple life - birds at the beach

    Having the extra time to enjoy your kids, newphew, niece, or a hobby that you like spending time on is better than having to put in more hours at a job to so you can earn money for the bills.

    Once saved enough money and I quit my job, I wasn't bringing in any money at all. And I still wasn't exactly sure on how I was going to build my business.

    I turns out that you've really got to be specific about the things you want to accomplish because if not, someone else will tell you what to do and you might not even know who that person is! This leads to...
  • Working smarter is better than working harder

    Analyze what you're spending your time on and figure out what it accomplishes and how much happiness you get from it.

    If it doesn't really help you with your goals (or happiness), consider not doing it at all and focusing on the tasks that give you the most.

  • You're already rich, so relax

    Since you have a computer and you're on the internet, you actually are pretty fortunate because some people are so worried about if they're going to have a meal later that they don't have any time to learn about improving their lives. But you do.

    You and me are at a huge advantage. Appreciate your free time and realize that you have access to most of the same luxuries that the wealthy do - information, books, leisure time, transportation, libraries, and technology.

  • Being happy is easier when your expenses are low

    Seriously consider cutting out what you don't need or are not using. The more expenses that you can deal without, the easier it will be for you to 1) save more money 2) live longer off the same savings and 3) get to your goals quicker

  • How you can replace expensive entertainment and still have fun

    Sometimes going to a movie or a restaurant is super fun, and I enjoy it from time to time as much as I can.

    But living the simple life is about inviting your friends and family to watch  movies at home and share delicious home made foods without having to pay huge bills for the night.

    You can also enjoy nature by going on trails, riding your bicycle, going on walks, checking out the beach, having a picnic, or enjoying a fire at a friend's place.