Billionaire Minimalist: Nicolas Berggruen

Not that this billionaire minimalist Nicolas Berggruen, who made his fortune investing, has much to do with tiny houses I still thought you would find his lifestyle choices interesting considering he has all of the world's options and possessions available to him.

Billionaire Minimalist Nicholas BerggruenAs you may or may not know it is said to be impossible for a billionaire to spend all of his or her money in their lifetime.

Nicolas Berggruen is worth approximately $2 billion dollars.

Yet he's not like many other people with that kind of wealth. In fact more than ten years ago he gave up almost all of his possessions which I'll reveal to you below.


Homeless Billionaire Minimalist? Kind Of...

Alright, I wouldn't feel comfortable calling him homeless in the sense of the word that most people think. He literally doesn't own any residential homes at all though. If he needs one, he can rent one. But he doesn't even do that.

Here's the catch: he still hung on to his private jet and he owns several hotels around the world. So he spends most of his time traveling between them. It's said that he doesn't even keep an annually rented home.

Maybe, according to Midway Simplicity, he doesn't want to take up more space than absolutely necessary. Even though some may consider staying at hotels financially wasteful. In essence though, he's hardly ever wasting any actual space.

Money Isn't Everything..

What I love most about this guy is that he's living proof that money isn't everything. You can be a millionaire or even a billionaire and you can outsource all of your unwanted tasks like cleaning, upkeep, etc.

But you will still have all of those worries in the back of your mind. And you will still need to manage it all in some way. Or hire a manager to manage your helpers. And then a manager to manage the managers.

I also appreciate the way he lives because he shows the world a different way to live, even for the wealthy. He proves that just because someone might earn a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean that they'll also have loads of possessions.

My Take Away on What REALLY Matters Most

Relationships with people in your life.

And making a positive difference in this world in your own way.

That's what REALLY matters. Think about it... If you won the lottery and became an instant millionaire the first thing you'd want to do is call somebody so you can share the good news! Who would you want to call? Who would you want to share it all with?

Now imagine if you have ZERO good relationships and you win the lotto. Sounds terrible to me. Millions of dollars and nobody to genuinely share anything with?

Ideas You Can Take from this Billionaire Minimalist to Apply to Your Life

  • Buy high quality, less quantity and less frequently. This saves you time, money and valuable energy in the long run even if the price tag is higher.
  • Own only as much as you use at any given moment. Find ways to let others use what's no longer valuable/useful to you.
  • Do something to make a positive difference in other people's lives. And there are so many ways to do this.
  • Decide that earning more money can be a really good thing and that you deserve it because you use it to help make the world a better place through your donations.

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