4 Ways You Can Start Collecting Simple Abundance Right Now

You can start to collect simple abundance right now.

You can extract real wealth and happiness from the things that are already around you. Things that you might not notice or even take for granted. Some might say it requires you to change your mindset.

Since 2007 I have realized that what you don't have will always keep you wanting more and that it works in a never ending cycle. But loving what you have keeps you feeling fortunate, happy, and grateful for everything that comes to you.

So here are four ways that you can start seeking simple abundance today... like right now!Simple Abundance

Appreciate the stuff you have

What do you have that you really like? It could be your books, movies, dog, cat, friends, family, wife, husband, computer, or even your current home.

What is there to like about it? How might some people want what you have?

Whatever it is, give thanks for it. Show gratitude to yourself for the things that you have. Even if they are not as nice as you'd wish.

I have been driving around in a 1990 Toyota Tercel and I feel lucky to have it even though I could have a newer, faster, nicer car. But this old Toyota has saved me thousands of dollars, so I love it very much. I like how it's inexpensive and super reliable. And I only drive two or three times weekly.

If you can appreciate what you have, you can make the most of life. You can grow while maintaining a humble way of life. If you are always thinking in terms of dollars and comparing, you'll never be satisfied.

Notice the nature around you

Don't just notice it, experience it. Whether you have access to a forest, a nature trail, the beach, or a tiny garden - use it. I can never get enough dolphins and pelicans, but just looking at the dirt and seeing all the little lives that are almost invisible to us is incredible!

I love walks through any kind of nature and I don't think there's anything else that can help you reduce stress simpler than a walk through the woods or a beautiful sunset with your favorite people.

Have fun adventures in your town

If you're anything like me, you usually think that you have to go travel somewhere to experience any kind of an adventure. Well, sometimes you and me have to accept that we're WRONG.

You can find awesome things to do right in your backyard. Best of all it's easy and it won't take you all day to travel back and forth.

You can ride you bicycle, walk, go through a trail, visit a farmer's market, or just get involved in any way with the community. Yoga, art, photography all come to mind.

What about kayaking and canoeing? Or trying a new locally owned restaurant. Yummy.

Master topics that you love

You might have forgotten how much fun and enjoyment reading brings? I forget all the time, but that's usually due to lack of a good book.

Once I finally sit down with a book I'm excited about good luck trying to get me to go anywhere else! Reading is an incredible way to learn just about anything you want from someone who has "been there and done that".

If you're not spending time discovering the world of books, then you are missing out on some of the most important life learning lessons of your life. Things that could take you to the next level.

Some people take pride in not ever reading because they think it's smarter to watch videos since it takes up less time. But the truth is, reading is like exercise for your brain - and yes, your brain needs it!

Plus the more you read, the better your thinking and problem solving skills we become. Your vocabulary and writing will automatically improve too.

So there you have it, start collecting your own wealth of simple abundance right now!