Tiny House Builders and Companies

There is a growing number of tiny house builders to choose from and several ways to go about building your own.

So which way is best?

That’s the question you’ll have to answer for yourself. And there’s a lot to think about...

I can help by showing you what I do know about each company and what they offer. Then it’s up to you to decide what options are best suited for your own needs.

You’ll find that you have several options, including...
  • Purchasing tiny house building plans
  • Doing the construction yourself
  • Hiring contractors to build it for you
  • Ordering it ready made by a company
  • Ordering just the "shell" and completing the rest yourself
  • ETC...

And the options go on... So let’s begin here: Below is a list of some of the tiny house builders that I know of which are worth checking out. When you click you’ll find a new page dedicated to each tiny house company.

Each one offers different things.  Some might just offer building plans while others will be able to construct a home for you.

Tiny Green Cabins
Tiny Green Cabins offers a variety of homes from 32 to 250 square feet. More info and pictures within.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Builders
Tumbleweed was founded by Jay Shafer, who has lived in houses under 100 square feet for years. His houses and designs stand out because of their attention to detail. They have plenty of designs to choose from.

Tiny Texas Houses
Tiny Texas Houses is another favorite which is founded by Brad Kittel. I found that this is one of the most interesting builders out there. These homes are almost 100% recycled, they are beautiful, all one-of-a-kind and Brad’s story is the most interesting.

Yes Wee Cabins
Here I'll show you Yes Wee Cabins tiny houses. I'll introduce you to their owner and tell you about their products and services. Pictures, prices and contact information too.