Tumbleweed Epu

Tumbleweed Epu Tiny HouseThis is the Tumbleweed Epu.

It's just 89 square feet, giving you a little more room than the XS house.

One of the first things you'll notice when comparing the two is that with the Epu you get a front porch which is really nice looking.

This is the house that Jay Shafer (owner of Tumbleweed) has been known to live in, although he's lived in several of his models.

Things I like about the Epu...

- Appearance and design

- The front porch

- Built in desk

- Plenty of storage

- Larger kitchen than in the XS tiny house

Dimensions and Weight

House width: 8'

House length: 15'

Trailer size: 7' x 14'

Porch size: 7.5' x 3'

Main room: 6' x 6.5'

Kitchen: 4.5' x 4'

Bathroom: 4' x 2'

Road height: 13' 5"

Ceiling height: 6'3"

Loft height: 3' 8"

Dry weight: 4700 lbs

More Pictures

Epu Tiny House

It looks great in the landscape photo above, doesn't it?

Inside the Epu Tiny House

The interior is finished with tongue and groove pine and as you can see plenty of lighting comes into the little house.

Interior of the Epu Tiny House

The lounges are from IKEA and that's a Dickinson fireplace which does a great job of heating such a small space.

Tiny House Kitchen

As you can tell, lots of ideas for keeping everything tidy in a really small kitchen. The key is verticle use of space. Really simple and keeps things in their place without being in the way.

Photo credits: Tumbleweed Houses

Floor Plan

Tiny House Floor Plan


These are approximate.

Building it yourself will cost about $20,000

Ordering it already built is about $46,000

Building Plans

If you want building plans for the Tumbleweed Epu they're available at the company's website. The link will open in a new window directly to their Epu page.