Tumbleweed XS House

Tumbleweed XS House with no trailerThis is Tumbleweed's XS House.

It's their smallest model at just 65 square feet.

The first picture here is the house built without a trailer. Most people decide to construct it on a trailer for mobility but both options are there.

I've heard that you can even set it up to where you can take it on and off of the trailer, although I'm sure it's not an easy task.

This is my favorite of Tumbleweed's houses because of it's small size and ability to pull with a wider range of vehicles. It's also easier to maneuver.

I actually purchased the Tumbleweed XS house building plans but have yet to start the construction process.

The plans that I bought have everything that you'll need to build this house...

  • Front, back, side elevations
  • Floor plans for downstairs and loft
  • Electric plans for downstairs and loft
  • Transverse (a diagram cutting house in half) plan showing insulation, roof pitch and more.
  • Instructions for attaching house to a trailer
  • Framing plans for exterior walls
  • Details of built in furniture and cabinets
  • Door dimensions
  • Full material list including window dimensions, heater, lumber and more

This house is 7' wide and 11' in length.

When built on a trailer the road height ends up being 12' 9".

Dry weight is about 4000 pounds.

Here are the individual "room" dimensions:

Porch: 2' by 1.5'

Main Room: 4.5' by 5.5'

Kitchen: 4' by 4'

Bathroom: 3.5' by 2'

Ceiling height (main floor): 6' 2"

Loft height (sleeping area): 3' 2"

Estimated costs in materials to build yourself is $16,000 (including a trailer)

Below are more photos of this model...

Loft Bed in a Tiny House

If you're interested in the XS house you can purchase the building plans and start building right away or hand the plans over to a contractor.

Finally, here's a video tour of the house...