Tiny Guest Houses

Tiny guest house in Naples

Tiny guest houses are great for a lot of reasons...

Building small just costs less and simplicity can be good for your life.

Houses like these are way easier to maintain and keep clean.  Plus they cost less to build.

If you already own a lot, maybe you can build one to create rental income. You can either rent your new guest house or move in and rent your bigger house... :)

When you use your creativity, you realize that there are so many less expensive options such as...

  • An RV... Yes, I'm serious. I've seen some pretty cool Airstream trailers that look very comfortable.

  • A tiny rolling house... I hope you've seen these before, if not check out the tiny house section of this website.

  • Permanent tiny house... You know, regular small houses. You can also look into recycled and natural homes.

  • Yurts... These are sort of like big tee-pees.

I hope this page helped you realize some of the possibilities that there are when it comes to building a little house. But please be sure to research your city's laws and code enforcement so you don't run into problems after you build.

Take a look at these tiny guest houses I found around my area...

small guest house in Naples

Tiny guest house