Yurt Plans

Older yurt plans are available online for little to no cost. They will help you understand the fundamentals for constructing and putting together a ger (other name for yurt).

If you’re serious about these homes you should invest in a book or two because they'll help you avoid costly mistakes and time wasters. We'll talk more about books below.

Free Plans

A complete guide to making a Mongolian Ger -- This is a PDF file that you can download thanks to Paul King. It will cover history, tools needed, materials and procedures. It's a great resource.

Mongolian Yurt Plans Part 1 Part 2 -- This is another PDF thanks to an old issue of Sacred Spaces. Another helpful guide.


For more detailed and up-to-date instructions on constructing your very own yurt I recommend Paul King's newer book titled The Complete Yurt Handbook. Get a preview of the book and read the reviews at Amazon. Link is below along with a couple others worth mentioning...