Yurt Companies

On this page I’ll feature a few of my favorite yurt companies that manufacture gers for recreational, living, office, or business purposes. The purpose of this page is so that you can familiarize yourself with some of the yurts that are on the market right now.

Spirit Mountain Yurts

Spirit Mountain Yurts offers affordable yurts that start at about $3,900 for a 16 foot (200 square feet). They also offer 20’, 24’, and 30’ versions. It’s a family owned and operated business in Sante Fe, New Mexico. They’ve shipped yurts to America, Canada, Costa Rica, Israel, Japan, and India.
"If you are one of those people who dream of getting out of the rat race and creating a simpler lifestyle, then maybe a Yurt is for you! Most of our customers live in their Yurts, and some of them go on to build homes from natural earthen materials such as straw bales, cob, and cordwood. These earthen homes are very labor intensive to build, and Yurts provide a wonderful and beautiful home during this process! Most people fall in love with their Yurts and continue to use them for art studios, guest houses, and other purposes." ~ Nalina Uehlein, founder

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Here's a video introduction to Spirit Mountain Yurts

Pacific Yurts

Pacific yurts, Inc. has three different types of clients: personal, business, and government. Personal clients use the yurts for guest houses, a backyard office, studio, or fitness center.

Business and governments will use them for things like ranger housing, vacation rentals, and meeting halls. Pacific yurts, Inc. has been in the yurt business since 1978 and they are located in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

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Here's a video that features the construction of a Pacific Yurt

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