Wooden Yurts

Wooden yurts are designed to be permanent because they use wooden frame panels instead of lattice frame walls and canvas.

This is something that you’d want in somewhere like Florida where there are occasional hurricanes or any other high force winds. Although yurts can withstand most weather, extreme winds like hurricanes are surely not recommended.

There’s a company that I know of called Smiling Woods and they make beautiful permanent yurts. These can also be called frame panel yurts.

Here's a picture of one of their yurts.

Photo credit: Smiling Woods Yurts

There's another place called the Buffalo Woman Ranch and they offer canvas and wooden yurts for rent. As I write this the canvas are $25 per night and the wood version is $75 per night.

The Big Difference

With wood there are more modern features like

  • Modern insulation
  • Glass windows versus vinyl
  • Better chances of getting financed by a bank
  • Easy to insure

Most wood versions are also designed to withstand up to 90 MPH winds.


They start at just around $8,500 for a 12'. This pricing is for the kit to start building so it doesn't include construction labor costs, foundation, permitting and all of that.

A 25' version starts at $17,500 just to give you an example.