Vermont Tiny Houses

Vermont Tiny Houses is the creation of Peter King who lives in Woodstock, Vermont.

He offers a tiny house building workshop that teaches basic carpentry skills for beginners. This is a great seminar for someone who has no experience in construction.

Peter is an experienced carpenter, teacher and of course--tiny house enthusiast. He's been building small houses for years in Vermont.

He talks about several uses for these houses--they're not JUST to live in...

  • Backyard guest house
  • Office
  • Play house
  • Art, poetry or music studio

Cost for the workshop is $250 and it runs Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. Meals and lodging not included but camping might be available on site.

So let's meet Peter and let's check out his houses. Watch the video below.

Video credit thanks to Eva Sollberger.

Below is a photo at one of his seminars thanks to Kayla Sibilia.

For more information about Peter King's Vermont Tiny Houses Workshop visit his website here. The link opens in a new window. You can also call 802-933-6103.