Used Class B Motorhome

Lots of people are looking for a used class B motorhome because they're a great, inexpensive way to enjoy a motorhome.

Buying used allows you to save a bunch of money upfront (or monthly) you just want to ensure you make a good purchasing decision. So don't rush into anything.

To show you a few options as far as used class B's go, what better way to do it than with some videos.

Let's start with one of my favorites. It's a Dodge Sprinter van professionally converted by Sportsmobile (who used to convert VW vans back in the day).

So here's one of their *recent* Sprinter conversions (which is a class B) that has storage in the back. It's like a mini toy hauler motorhome. Unbelieveable how it all fits!

Alright now that wasn't exactly a good example of used, so scroll down!

Here's the same company (Sportsmobile) with a Ford chassis conversion. It features the pop up style roof along with most o fthe ameneties in a motorhome.

This video tour is a 2002 Leisure Travel van based on a Dodge chassis with TV, VCR, generator, power everything, with a nice white interior. Check it out right here...

Lastly, just to give you a little variety, here is a really nice and interesting Toyota RV...