Unboxed: Flat-Pack Tiny House

Spacious Unfolding Solar Tiny House On Wheels

This unboxed flat-pack tiny house was just featured on Dornob where they shared 3d renderings of how the house would work.

Right away you notice that it's mobile and can be relatively easily unfolded to setup for living. It features raised decks on both sides and two expanding wings that make the house bigger.

Unboxed: Spacious Fold Out Flat Pack House

Images: Dornob

Support/Foundation of this Unboxed Flat-Pack Tiny House

The support system is adjustable in case you end up in areas that aren't flat. Then you have solar panels which are strategically placed to keep the home fully energized and self sufficient. There is even built in shade for the outdoor areas too.

Too Much $$ And Unrealistic: But Might Work in the Future?

Although something like this would probably cost way too much for most of us I still see it as a good step in the right direction for our future. And maybe in a few years prefabricated homes like this can be brought down in price thanks to technology that will allow us to 3d design and print homes.

My Thoughts on Prefab/Flat-Packs

For me, I'd rather go with a traditional stick built home and do most of the work myself because I'd like to build it and know how it works inside out myself. Plus you can save so much in labor costs by doing it yourself.

When DIY Isn't Practical

But for those of us who have successful careers with not so much spare time on our hands, ideas like this can go a long way especially in the future because not everybody is a Do-It-Yourselfer.

See more photos here.

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