Tumbleweed Weebee

Just about all of Tumbleweed's houses are classy, beautiful and fully functional.

The Tumbleweed Weebee is no different.

At 102 square feet you'd think it's way too small. But for just one person, trust me, it's got all of the amenities of a home.

...And then some. I don't know of many other condos, houses or apartment studios with this much style.

I don't know of any RV's made of this kind of quality. They seem to have an at home feel about them.

So let's learn more about the Weebee house.

One of it's unique characteristics when comparing to the other tiny housesis the sitting area in the front with all of the windows. This is one of the design features that will make you feel right at home.

Dimensions and Weight

House width: 8'

Length: 15'

Trailer size: 7' by 14'

Porch: 2.5' by 2.5'

Main room: 6' by 6.5'

Kitchen: 4.5' by 4'

Bathroom: 4' by 2'

Ceiling height: 6' 3"

Loft height: 3' 8"

Dry weight: 4900 lbs

Floor Plan

More Pictures


These prices are approximate and can change.

Building it yourself would cost about $21,150

Buying it already built on a trailer from Tumbleweed is about $48,997

Building Plans

If you're interested in building plans for the Tumbleweed Weebee they're available at the company's website. The link will open in a new window directly to their Weebee page. You'll find more information and pictures there.