Ella's Tumbleweed Tiny House

Are you looking for the beautiful Tumbleweed Tiny House designed and built by Ella Jenkins? Well, here it is!

Ella decided to design and build her own tiny house when she returned from going to school overseas.

When she returend home to California, she had to do something for herself to be able to beat oversized houses and expensive rent in the area.Ella's Tumbleweed Fencl Tiny House

After discovering tiny houses and how easy and affordable they can be to build, she bought Fencl plans (affiliate) from Tumbleweed and started to look for materials.

And below you can see her what Ella's home looks like today.

I find it simple, elegant and beautiful at the same time.

It's a house truly suited to meet her needs- and no more.

And best of all, it's mortgage-free.

Ella's Tumbleweed Tiny House Pictures

Ella's Tumbleweed Tiny House

I just love Ella's custom built and designed Tumbleweed Fencl Tiny House.

Ella in front of her Tiny Home

And I love pictures like this. Proud tiny house owner. :)

Interior of Ella's Tumbleweed Tiny House

I bet it smells so good inside thanks to all the real wood. I think that really sets apart tiny homes and RVs.

Ella's Pink Room in Her Tiny House

Verticle storage using corner shelves above. Great place to get ready.

Ella's Tiny Bathroom

For her bathtub/shower she used a horse trought.

Horse Trought Shower

Check out the jewelry hanger that she made using a manzanita branch.

Jewelry Hanger Using Manzanita Branch

I have a Pinterest board full of ways to hang your jewelry by the way.

Interior of Ella's Tumbleweed Fencl Tiny House

If you're wondering Ella bought the Fencl tiny house plans from Tumbleweed.

But she made some of her own modifications to it.

View of Ella's Pink Room

Nothing like living mortgage-free.

Living Area in Tiny House

This is one of my favorite tiny house kitchens to date.

Countertop and Drawers in Tiny Kitchen

The custom wood countertop really adds a nice tough.

Rear of Ella's Tiny House on Wheels

Front of Ella's Tiny House on a Trailer

Tiny House versus a Motorhome

Tiny House versus Motorhome

I'd definitely prefer the tiny house!

Towing a Tiny House

Towing isn't cheap, though!

Tiny Home: Open House

That's what "home" looks like to Ella.

Video Tour of Ella's Tiny Home

Hope you liked it! If you want more Ella, check out her blog.

Photos thanks to Ella Jenkins of Little Yellow Door.