Tiny House Workshop at Deek's

If you've been itching to learn how to build a hands on tiny house workshop with Derek "DEEK" Diedricksen might just be what you're looking for.

Tiny House workshop
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I know because I've been to a few of his events and I can tell you... You'll not only gain hands on carpentry experience at this tiny house workshop but you'll also have a lot of fun while you get to work with and build connections with others who are also passionate about small spaces.

For me, that's one of the best parts because it's rare to be in a room filled with other like minded people who understand that there's more to life than work, work, work and more stuff, stuff, stuff.

How to Design & Build

When you arrive at Deek's tiny house workshop you might feel like you're at a friends house for a BBQ or to help out with a weekend project. In other words- it's a chill, family-friendly environment. Most of the time, at least!

So when you first get there you'll usually run into a little food party where you get to meet and greet everyone else who decided to attend. This is also where you'll get to learn a little bit about designing a tiny house because Deek will introduce you to the structure that the group is going to build together using a set of basic house plans.

Building a Micro Cabin or Shed at a Tiny House Workshop

Participants at Tiny House workshop building
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Building as a group is always going to be different than working on your own or with a core group of people. Sometimes things will go faster because of more people but lots of times it will go slower because of this since everyone has different questions and come from different levels of experience.

Either way it's a great learning experience just being there. But the real value is when you take your turn to hammer some nails, drill some screws in and get involved with everything like installing windows, framing, doing cuts, and more.

If you're someone who's never done any carpentry work, you'll leave there a different person with some new skills that you can use for the rest of your life. Especially when you decide to build your own mortgage-free cabin in the near future.

More Than Just Construction

Micro Cabin Interior Design
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Building is a huge part of the workshop but it's not just about that. When people like you and me start thinking about living tiny, all sorts of questions come up. Like toilets, appliances, parking, and more.

All of these topics are normally addressed and discussed and you're left with guidelines on how to get what you want out of your future home.

Those Little Things That Save You So Much Headache

Some of the huge takeaways from these workshops also come from random tid bits that Deek, his brother, the speakers and even some of the other participants throw out there. Often overseen, these little tips and tricks end up saving people tons of time, stress and headache.

You'll encounter helpful suggestions for:

  • building,
  • designing,
  • planning,
  • dealing with neighbors,
  • finding parking,
  • picking the right toilet,
  • appliances,
  • when to buy used and when to buy new,
  • and so much more. 

So yes, plan on bringing a pen and notepad! Because you'll end up filling it with little golden nuggets of tiny house knowledge that will save you tons of time AND money.

How to Get Your Spot at Deek's Upcoming Workshop

If you'd like to sign up for Deek's upcoming MA workshop you can do so right here. Let him know Alex sent you. And guess what... He's got attendees coming over from as far away as Switzerland and the UK!

The event is November 15-17, 2013 in Canton, MA which is near Boston. You'll get 30+ hours of contact time at the workshop along with:

  • Guest speakers
  • Live demos
  • Camping on site
  • Five micro cabin tours
  • Tour of 1st built Tumbleweed tiny house by Jay Shafer
  • Nightly bonfire discussions
And so much more. If you're interested go ahead and reserve your spot over at Deek's site. Let him know Alex sent you and he'll give you the special hand shake when you get there!

Deek's Micro Cabin on Wheels: One of his Many Masterpieces 

Deek's Micro Cabin on Wheels

Oh, and be sure to say "Hi" to Jan Kenney for me, she's one of the guest speakers this year and she actually lives in one of the very first ever Tumbleweed Tiny Houses built for a customer so I think you'll be happy to get to hear from her experiences. I've been lucky enough to meet her earlier this year at the Yestermorrow Tiny House Fair in Vermont.

Sign up for Deek's hands on workshop here.