Teardrop Travel Trailers

Teardrop travel trailers are one of the simplest ways to travel and see the country on the road because you can already pull one with your current vehicle, they're inexpensive, easy to tow, and all around simple.

If you know about teardrop trailers, I'm sure that you've heard of Little Guy... They're currently the largest manufacturer of these tiny campers (teardrops).

I wanted to show you some of their features plus what it's like to use, camp, and travel with such a small travel trailer.

When people see one of these for the first time, they wonder, how the heck can anybody actually use that? Well, here is a feature that lots of people use that extends the liveable space of these campers.

It's one of Little Guy's most popular accessories.... The 10' by 10' screenroom tent.

These tiny RVs even have power packages...

Little Guy has recently made some changes to their battery placement on their teardrops which come with power packages. So here's how it works...

Another helpful accessory for those of you using teardrop trailers is a little something called the WondaWedge... It's an inflatable back support so you can sit up comfortably inside your camper.

Here's Chris with Little Guy again telling you about it...