Teardrop Trailer Tent

You can add a teardrop trailer tent to your setup to expand your camping area. Some tents are specifically made for teardrop trailers so that they are attached to each other.

Other people simply use their own regular tents (that they already have) and set it up off to the side somewhere.

I have also seen people use a canopy to get similar results. The goal is to extend the area and protect yourself from the elements.

This way if it rains you're not stuck in your 4 x 8 teardrop trailer where you can't stand up!

Tents Made for Teardrop Campers

Camp-Inn has a wonderful built-in style tent that you should definitely check out. It hooks up directly to the entrance door and makes a perfect place for...
  • A dressing room
  • Port a potty
  • Dog sleeping area
  • Sit down / stand up area with protection from bugs

It's 6'2" tall, has windows, and seals completely shut. This tent might be compatible with your current teardrop trailer--or one that you're thinking of building/buying.

Click here to see pictures of this teardrop trailer tent over at Camp Inn's website. Link opens in a new window.

Using a Canopy

For those of us who love to do it ourselves and not spend the extra money, a canopy is a great option that many already use.

Here's one way to do it with a canopy over the galley.

A closer look of the previous link.

This teardrop trailer has a custom awning