Teardrop Camper Kits

Teardrop camper kits make it easier to build a teardrop trailer because you can get everything shipped ready to be put together with instructions.

For some this removes some of the fun involved in constructing a teardrop but this page is meant to be helpful for people...

  • Looking to save some time on building
  • Who don’t have much experience in carpentry
  • Who do not have all of the tools and resources necessary

So let’s take a look at the teardrop camper kits that are available and let's talk about each. Some kits with come with everything you need while others may just provide the frame. Let's explore some of the options.

Important Note: Do your own research before committing to any of the links suggested here. Ask questions, make calls, visit forums, and get help if you do not already know what you're doing. This page is intended to help start your research!

Frame Kits

You can have a frame kit made for you teardrop trailer build. Before you do that you want to make sure that you have everything else in order so that you teardrop shell will fit onto it's frame. So do proper research! Use teardrop camper plans if necessary.

Teardrop & Vintage Trailer Parts in Victor, MT

They can custom build any frame for your build. You can also find all kinds of parts and accessories on their site--like fenders, trims, molding, plumbing, frames, axles, and more. Anyways learn a little more about their teardrop frames here.

Do a local search for someone who can create this for you locally because there is no sense in paying shipping charges for something so heavy that a local guy is perfectly capable of doing. Ask around and you'll be sure to who you need.

So-Cal Teardrops Frame Package

So-Cal Teardrops is located in Upland, CA but they offer shipping as well. They offer frames in several different sizes so that you don't have to worry about the welding. But again, do a local search first because it can save you lots of money. Learn more about So-Cal's frame package here.

Lil Bear Tag-Alongs

This company is located in Redding, California and they have a great selection of parts, accessories, and resources for teardrops. They take care of the welding job for you and at a fairly nice price. Learn about their frame kits here.

Complete Kits

Teardroptrailers.net has a few different complete trailer packages to look into. They offer the trailers already welded, fenders, mattresses, tail lights, and more. Visit them here.

So-Cal, which I've already mentioned above, offers complete teardrop camper kits. Link will open in a new window to one of their pages with three options to look into. The genesis kit seems to come with everything you will need to complete a build.