Small House Society and the Tiny House Movement

So what is the small house society and the small house movement all about?

Let’s start with downsizing to a smaller house. If you want to simplify your life one of the smartest things you can do is move into a smaller space.

And that’s what the small house movement is all about, isn’t it? Simplifying!

Normal houses have become…

  • Too expensive
  • A pain to maintain
  • Toxic to the environment
  • Completely wasteful

Basically these houses keep us strapped to what we all know as the rat race. We’re always too busy paying high rent, the mortgage, the huge power bill and all of that stuff.

And once we’re in, and have kids, we’re just stuck and it’s hard to get out. It’s hard to make a change when you have an entire family, not just yourself, used to certain things.

But that’s where a lot of people miss the point. It’s possible, and likely, that life can become more enjoyable after downsizing and simplifying.

The small house society is about…

  • Simplicity and enjoying the beautiful things in life like nature, bicycling, walking, parks, books and other activities
  • Technology. Yes, just because we’re simple doesn’t mean we ignore technology. Instead we use it to our advantage. We use scanners to store documents in our computers, mp3 players for music, laptops for entertainment centers, electronic book readers, solar panels for power, etc.
  • Clean transportation. Simple people like to do things that make sense. Some prefer to use bicycles instead of cars so that they save money and become healthier. But this requires choosing to live in a particular area where this is not impossible. Some of us can walk to work, others use the bus and some still use our cars. It’s okay.
  • Family and friends. One of the reasons I simplified was to have the ability to work and worry less. With less to maintain there’s more time for kids, parents, friends and celebration. That’s what life is all about.
  • Careers that we enjoy. This is another huge reason why the small house movement is growing. Downsizing cleans up your life and before you know it you might have the ability to choose what you do for a living without worrying as much about income.
  • Saving money and spending smarter. Eating the right foods that might cost more, paying off debt quickly, helping out family members and starting our own business all come to mind.

There’s an official small house society website that you can visit, the link will open up in a new window.