Shelter Systems Portable Yurt

Shelter Systems manufactures yurts that are unique in their own way and are known for their lightweight construction (portability) and strength. They are affordable, leak proof and tear-resistant.

Their domes serve many purposes including: family living, camping, emergency shelter, a studio, playroom, retreat, pavilion and more.

They are known to be used as a greenhouse, storage shed, solarium, party tent, office and as a pool/spa/koi pond cover.

Design and Materials

Shelter Systems Studio  Yurts Shelter Systems domes and yurts have endured gusts of more than 50 mph. They are strong and sturdy but you should not expect them to hold up to extreme winds like these. Their strongest domes are their 18' and 30' versions.

Their most popular shelters are called Geotensic. They allow large amounts of light in and are made with a tear-resistant fabric combined with non-puncturing tarp fasteners.

The covering will keep away rain, wetness, wind and leaves. It has three layers which are heat bonded together and UV stabilized to take up to 3 years of constant sun exposure.

The framing is made out of UV-stabilized class 200 1 1/4" diameter PVC tubing.

Set Up Time

These shelters are made so that they can be set up in just 30 minutes by one person. There is no need for tools, cutting or anything like that. Everything is ready to assemble when you get it.

Follow this link to Shelter Systems to see how they're put together. Link opens in a new window.

Sizes, Models and Prices

I'll only include information on their popular Geodesic YurtDome Shelters.

Geodesic YurtDome 30'
Height: 11'
Square Feet: 706
Weight: 190 pounds
Approx Cost: $1990

Geodesic YurtDome 20'
Height: 10'
Square Feet: 314
Weight: 70 pounds
Approx Cost: $920

Geodesic YurtDome 18'
Height: 9'
Square Feet: 254
Weight: 60 pounds
Approx Cost: $780

Geodesic YurtDome 14'
Height: 7'
Square Feet: 154
Weight: 40 pounds
Approx Cost: $640

Geodesic YurtDome 11'
Height: 6'4"
Square Feet: 95
Weight: 20 pounds
Approx Cost: $350

Note that these prices may not be accurate.

There are hundreds of satisfied Shelter Systems customers. I enjoyed looking through some of their testimonials and pictures on the Shelter Systems Portable yurt and Dome website.