Schwinn Electric Bicycle

One thing that you will immediately notice about a Schwinn electric bicycle versus some of the other e-bikes that I've talked about here is their clean look and design.

Because of the professional installation that comes from the manufacturer you can benefit from not having to deal with the setup of an electric powered bicycle. But on the downside, you might pay more and get less power.Schwinn Electric Bicycle

But let's talk about some of the cool features that Schwinn has integrated into their electric powered bikes...

  • easily removable battery
  • super fast re-charge (7 to 30 minutes)
  • on/off e-power switch
  • Front hub motor
  • Long life lithium ion battery (good for thousands of charges)

You can watch a video of one in action while a Schwinn employee tells you all about them...

Schwinn's e-bikes start at about $2,600.