Portable Homes

Portable homes are for people that want the ability to move whenever they want. These houses cost less than traditional ones and can be good fit for you to simplify your life.

These days you can find so many different kinds. From traditional RVs and houseboats to ordinary tiny houses built on trailers.

On this page I'll take you on a tour of all the interesting options that are available for you. I know you'll find it fun. So go ahead - scroll down and enjoy.

Tiny houses built on trailers

You've probably heard of Jay Shafer before who helps bring these little houses to you by living in several of them over the years and building more than 12 himself.Tumbleweed Tiny House

If you wanted to buy one of these brand new it would run you around $45,000 and it would come fully equipped with almost everything you need. This includes plenty of clever storage throughout the tiny space.

If you want to build it yourself it will only cost you $20,000 and some have done it for less by using reclaimed materials.

Just be sure to either do a lot of planning and designing or use Tumbleweed's professional building plans. The initial cost might seem a little high, but you'll find them super helpful.

Even if you just end up hiring a contractor to do the work. Learn more about these awesome little homes in our tiny house section.

Fiberglass RV & Teardrop Trailers

A fiberglass RV is perfect if you're thinking about traveling because you can most likely use your current vehicle. If not, consider teardrop trailers I'm sure your car can pull one!Teardop Trailers

Fiberglass trailers are usually super light so they're great on gas compared to most other trailers.

Teardrops are awesome because if you have any type of car there's a teardrop trailer light enough for you to pull. Some are so light that higher powered motorcycles can pull them.

So both these RVs are an inexpensive and easy way to have a little portable home for your traveling adventures. Whether you're thinking about doing it on weekends, occasional trips, or long-term cross-country travels.


If you fantasize to live by the sea houseboats and sailboats can be a relatively inexpensive way to live. You might be surprised at what you can do if you find a way to get rid of yourLiving in a tiny houseboat current mortgage/rent...

Or figure a way to rent your house out while you're gone.

People find ways to make it work, and I'm sure you can too. Just ask yourself the right questions.

Most people that do this successfully find a place they want to live and they simply pursue what they love whether it's writing, publishing, blogging, making videos, providing a service, or just working somewhere close by.

These days it's possible for you to build a successful freelance career with a specialized service online and work from anywhere.

People With Interesting Portable Homes

Mobile Condo

John, 27, an engineer, and Anne, 25, a psychology graduate, have created their own incredible house on wheels with all sorts of modern luxuries.Mobile Condo

The mobile condo is actually a 24' converted box truck that pulls an additional cargo trailer with 9 storage bins, a big toolbox, a work area, and it also stores two scooters.

This thing is awesome... They spared nothing except windows. To make up for them they used a cool looking map of the world.

So it's 175 square feet plus it has the 7 by 14 cargo trailer as a workshop/storage area.

Other features include solar power, rainwater harvesting system, and a piano. Click here to check out the Mobile Condo blog.

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