Motorcycle Teardrop Trailer

Having a motorcycle teardrop trailer can really enhance your riding experience. A motorcycle friendly teardrop camper is small and light weight, making it easy to tow and maneuver.

Reasons to get a light weight motorcycle travel trailer…

  • Great fuel efficiency
  • Ability to camp without having to pitch a tent
  • Room for more of your stuff while traveling
  • Better chances of convincing your wife to go for it
  • Least expensive way to RV travel

Let's check out some models that might work...

Motorcycle Friendly Teardrops

Little Guy Rascal

The Little Guy Rascal is manufactured by Go Little Guy and is available at several locations nationwide, including Camping World and other dealers. It weighs 490 pounds and is perfect for a large motorcycle or trike.

Photo credit: Go Little Guy

For more pictures and information on this motorcycle teardrop trailer visit the Rascal page at Go Little Guy.

Other Motorcycle Friendly Travel Trailers

Jump over to another page where I list teardrop trailer models along with their weight, click here for that. You will notice 4-5 models that are just around 500 pounds which is suitable for a large motorcycle to pull. Before you make any decisions be sure to do your own research according to your bike. Check your towing capacity along with the weight of the camper you're looking into.

You will find that you will be limited to the 4 x 8 models.