Little Guy Teardrop Trailers

Little Guy teardrop trailers are for those of us who want to get out for a while and keep it simple at the same time.

They have a variety of options for everyone--whether you want to go off road, have power, air conditioning, or just as simple as possible.

EVEN if you want to pull a camper with your motorcycle, there's really something for most of us.

So on this page I want to show you Little Guy's off road teardrop trailer... They call it the Little Guy Rough Rider.

The one you see here has a power package, it's lifted, has 15" off road tires, a skid plate, and a black interior (had never seen that before on a teardrop). Oh and a queen sized bed inside. :)

Here, check it out yourself...

How about that classic look? Here's their Silver Shadow model (5 x 10)