Little Guy Teardrop Camper

Have you ever heard of a Little Guy Teardrop Camper? In 2002 Little Guy came into the scene of teardrops. Since then they have become the largest manufacturer of these light weight travel trailers in the world.

Sit down, grab a cup of coffee (or tea), and get excited because you're about to discover the world of these fascinating tiny RVs.


Little Guy offers a bunch of different models for all kinds of needs. They have really small and extra light weight models for people who have interest in towing with a motorcycle.

Check out the Little Guy Rascal, perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts.

But there's more, much more... They have 4 wides, 5 wides, and 6 wides for those of you with dogs or children. They even have cargo teardrops for people who want to haul for wheelers or other recreational toys.

If you're into the classic teardrop camping trailer look from the 1930's you have to check out their Silver Shadow line. Here's ANOTHER video. :)

For more pictures and information (including pricing!) on your favorite Little Guy Teardrop Camper visit their website.