Little Cob House

A little cob house might seem like some sort of fairytale to you (it kind of does to me too) but I was surprised to find that there are actually plenty of people living in their very own tiny cob home.

One example came to me as I was planning out the section on this page, because I don't have any direct experience with cob at all...

Then I got a message from Pat at Cob Works and we have been exchanging messages ever since. Thanks to him, I have some pictures to show you.

Have a look at Christina's home which is a circular 250 square foot cob with two stories and an incredible upstairs deck, isn't that nice?

Little Cob House - Christina's - 250 square feet

I love this structure (and notice the hammock nearby)

Little Cob House

Little Cob House Back

Here is a different one which is Charles'. It's 350 square feet so also very small.

Another Little Cob House

Photos of these beautiful cob homes are provided by Cob Works