How to Build a Yurt

Learning how to build a yurt has always sounded fun to me. Today there are several options including homemade yurts, kits and plans.

Building a YurtBut the basics still remain. Here are the integral pieces for the successful construction of just about any yurt.
  • Lattice walls
  • Door and door frame
  • Roof poles
  • Hub for roof poles to connect to (round part at the top)
  • Columns to support the hub (this isn’t always there)
  • Some type of flooring
  • A type of insulation (canvas, wool, etc)

Building the yurt consists of assembling all of these pieces together. This will require at least two people but some say they can do it themselves (I wouldn’t try that).

After all of this is done the next step is to cover the yurt for insulation and privacy.

If you're really interested in how to build a yurt these books are of great value.