Homemade Yurt

A homemade yurt is usually inhabited by Mongolian families. Some of the main parts consist of flooring, walls, roof, roof hub, bolts, pins, pegs, walls, insulation and a roof cover.

Homemade yurt with bicycleProfessionally manufactured yurts can be put together at home using quality made parts. There are plans and instructions to guide you through the building process. You won’t need many tools but you’ll want at least one other person for help.

Some of the reasons people in the West decide to do it themselves are to avoid the high costs of manufactured yurts. In general doing it all yourself takes more time and labor. In addition you’ll need tools to make everything work from scratch—but it can and has been done.

I’ve seen components for the framing made out of wood, aluminum, PVC (plastic) and metal. For walls and insulation I’ve seen canvas, wool and hides. And there are always even more creative ways of getting it done.

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