Hilltop Tiny House

10'x10' Australian Micro Cabin

Hilltop Tiny House
Images: Mikkel Vang

This hilltop tiny house in New South Wales, Australia and it's used by its owners as a weekend getaway from Sydney, Australia. It's designed for just one to two people to use.

With a footprint of just under 100-square-feet it's certainly tiny. This means it's easy to maintain and cheap to live in.

Hilltop Tiny House in Australia

The only way you can get to it is actually by horseback where you get to enjoy miles and miles of beautiful panoramic views of nature.

Tiny House on the Hilltop

There's a sort of shield that covers the cabin when you want it to made out of copper. This is used to create shade and cover during the day and at night it's closed up since it gets really cold out. The area is known for sub-zero temperatures at night.


The other benefit of being able to lock up the house is security and peace of mind. Since this cabin is in the middle of nowhere, it's nice to know that everything's locked up relatively safely. Not that there'd be much inside to steal.. But it's also nice to know that you are safe from wildlife too.

Images: Mikkel Vang

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