Folding Electric Bicycle

You want a folding electric bicycle because you:

  • Want to be able to fit it in your trunk
  • on the bus
  • in your cubicle
  • Bring it inside your house or apartment easily
  • Take it into work so it doesn't sit outside or get stolen
  • Re-charge while at work

And on top of all of that, you want to be able to pedal and/or use the extra power when you want. Whether it's to get home faster or to not have to pedal as much.

Maybe you just need assistance when going up hill. Either way these bikes are made not just for mobility but also for the commuter who wants to use it everywhere.

The small size makes it easy to bring inside and charge up, which is a super useful feature.

So here - have a look at these folding e-bikes that others have bought and some have set up completely custom.

First, here's a "juiced" 48V front hub powered ebike. I hope you like a little spanish tango...

Folding Bicycle with NiMH Battery

This one is aluminum framed with pedals that fold so you can easily lay it down flat in the trunk - or anywhere for that matter.

You can store it in your office, by your desk, or put it in your room. Even better, it's perfect if you have an RV or boat. Even airplane owners use them because they easily fit in the cockpit of a small plane.

An Ebike with a Lithium Battery

If you want larger tires in a folding bike, here's one to look at. It has a 250W motor with a 36V Lithium-ion battery and of course, the folding design.