Electric Recumbent Bicycles

Ever heard of electric recumbent bicycles -- You know, those lay down bikes? Where it looks like the person is riding really low and sometimes almost laying down?

Well imagine that with the additional power of electric on these. Let's check them out...

While doing my research for this page I found my first interesting "case study" right on Youtube. I love videos, especially when I can share them right here.

So the creator of this bicycle is named Matt Shumaker and he calls this the E-cumbent.


As you saw, it's pretty sleek! Besides the wires you can really not even see that there is a motor. This bike can reach speeds of up to 35 mph and it can do it in about 30 seconds.

On his website, Matt jokes about how 35 mph is more than enough speed/power. You'll be impressed with what's "under the hood"...

I found Matt's project really interesting because he used a Coca Cola sized motor to power this. And it goes 35 mph?! Not bad! Where did it come from? Well, he was into RC helicopters and cars so he found that this would work.

The result was what you saw in the video -- how awesome! But if you're like me, you might want to have a peak at how, exactly, he put all of this together. More on that later...

For now let's see it in action.

Here is one last look at how it works.

Matt's Electric Recumbent Bicycle

Photo credit: Matt

To learn more about how he put it all together (plus more info on all the parts) visit this web page. (Link opens in a new window)