Electric Bicycle Plans

If you're looking for electric bicycle plans, so that you can build your own electric motor powered bike, they do exist.

There are a few to choose from but when it comes to homebuilt e-bikes, they're almost all unique. But if you're not into being creative and just want to follow what has already worked it's pretty simple.

There are tons of projects available to look at online where people who have converted their own bikes tell you and show you all of the parts they used for their project and how they put it all together.

But since this page is about plans, I'll show you what I've found online first... Then browse through the rest of the electric bicycles section to learn about other set ups.

Ebike Plans and Examples (links)

Atomic Zombie -- This place has a bunch of awesome choices on plans and they're reasonably priced. Check them out by clicking here.

Convergence Tech, Inc's Electric Bike Plans -- Click here to learn more.

Eric Peltzer's Project -- These are not plans but Eric will show you exactly how he put together his ebike. Click here to see.

Greg's Electric Powered Bicycle Trailer -- This is on instructables and it's an example of how you can create an electric powered trailer to attach to any bicycle for assistance. Click here.